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This game is on pre-order. We will ship orders between 10th-31 August 2021. This is the first ever edition and is a Pre Launch Edition. This is separate to any Kickstarter campaign. It is a limited run of 30 units. These will be signed by the designer and will include unique signed content in addition to the box contents per order.

This box has a gold foil finish on the lid and marked with the Pre-Launch Release Edition logo. Includes Pre-Launch Edition branded Rules Booklet.

Horror in the Library Limited Pre-Launch Edition SOLD OUT

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PRE ORDER DATE – PRE-Orders made in June will be shipped after 10th August 2021 and before the 31st August 2021

Horror in the Library is a 19th Century Victorian themed tile-based competitive card collecting game for 4 players, increasing to 6 players with the expansion pack. It uses a medium level of strategy and luck for finding required cards and moving tiles. A balanced token bag determines penalties and rewards while a simple attack and defence system with Non-Player Characters adds to player interaction and strategy.

Horror in the Library is as competitive and as fast as players wish it to be through the setup of the game and can be either a light game for two players through to a highly competitive and entertaining evening for up to 6.
We designed this game to be an introduction to contemporary board games to both new and casual board game players. Horror in the Library offers a range of different game mechanics that provide variety, strategy, confrontation, risk and luck.

The game is ideal for players aged 12+.

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Sunday 18th August 1895…

You have been invited to dine at the fabled mansion of the Mad Professor.
After a delightful dinner, the Professor announces to his guests that he has a little game of chance for you all to play. His mad genius has summoned a doorway into another realm. This doorway allows hideous nightmares to be released upon you, his guests.
With indignation you all stand up and scold the fool for such ungentlemanly behaviour.

Relaxing in his chair, the Professor smokes his cigar, laughing at your protestations. “Don’t be so hasty” he replies. “The one who can survive the Horrors in my library will be the sole inheritor of my fortune and all my secrets that are held within the library. There can only be one winner.” A big cloud of smoke follows another laugh. The others around the table look at each other and then to you. The Professor stirs his brandy and looks deeply at the contents, laughing. Feeling faint, you slump back down into your chair, the last thing you remember is your empty wine glass dropping from your hand.

Now... You are awake, the numbness leaves your body. You realise that you are standing within the Professor’s extensive labyrinthine library. In your hand you hold a device resembling a large pocket watch which seems to measure something called Fortitude and a letter.

You hastily open the letter: “The key to your escape lies within the pages I have asked you to find that are hidden in my books. The items you need, when combined, will enable you to leave this nightmare by unlocking the door to my study. Without those pages you will roam my library for all eternity! Beware, you may seek the help of other guests but treachery will soon abound when necessity calls for drastic actions! Distant screams make your soul turn colder. Knowing the books hold the key to survival you begin his game of madness!

Aim of the game

Players compete to collect all the items they need to enter the Mad Professor’s study and escape. Once all the player’s items are collected it is a race to the Green Portal in the Mad Professor’s study to win the game!

Box Contents

  • 1 Library Bookcase screen
  • 4 Player Boards with Fortitude, Search meter, Item rack and Page Card area.
  • 15 Library room tiles
  • 1 Green Portal tile
  • 1 Bag
  • 10 Blessings cards
  • 10 Curses cards
  • 4 Character cards
  • 60 Page cards
  • 8 Monster tokens
  • 10 Blessings tokens
  • 10 Curses tokens
  • 4 Player tokens
  • 24 Search markers
  • 12 Token stands
  • 15 brass effect handles (for the 15 Library tiles)
  • 1 Red cube for the Search meter
  • 1 Gold counter for the Fortitude meter
  • 2 Dice

Additional information

Weight .917 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 7 cm
Number of Players

2-4 (Can be expanded to 6)

Play time

40 – 120 mins

Suitable for Ages


Environmental Considerations

Printed on sustainable sourced EU Papermills. FSC Certified. Food grade inks where possible. Environmentally friendly varnishes where possible. 100% renewable energy source power at printing location in Italy.


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