Further Beyond RPG


Journey into the vastness of space in Further Beyond, a new tabletop RPG! Be creative and think carefully as you explore new worlds brimming with dangerous aliens, inhospitable environments and even renegade spacefarers.

Further Beyond is a tabletop roleplaying game focused on tactical exploration. You will explore new worlds on difficult missions and encounter foes and situations you should prepare for, and some you couldn’t predict. This tabletop role playing game is about being thrown into challenging situations, assessing your options based on your abilities and equipment and triumphing through guile, intellect and sheer force of will. The worlds, as well as those that inhabit it, will seem powerful and terrifying until their weaknesses are uncovered and you can devise a plan to exploit them. This booklet provides the first edition of the core rules, how to play and how to run a Further Beyond game. Character sheets are provided at the back. This is the start of the adventure. We hope you will join us and we welcome feedback and suggestions as well as participating in the development programme, online game events and more. For more information on joining our play test group please visit www.bdgame.uk/further.


The Artwork of Peter Elson

The Incredible artwork in this book was created by the legendary Peter Elson. You can purchase prints and find out more at www.peterelson.co.uk. Further Beyond is © Copyright Christian Salvage & Blue Donut Games Ltd. Paintings by Peter Elson are © Copyright the Estate of Peter Elson. All rights reserved 2022.


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