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Horror in the Library the VR Game, brings players into the interdimensional library of the Mad Professor…

Development of a VR escape room game started in January 2024. Our team for the Horror in the Library VR Game, is a small group of veteran developers, artists, writers, gamers, and game development students working together to create a new game adventure within the world of Horror in the Library.

For the last 5 years we have been working on both the development of Horror in the Library board game, and in our sister company, Blue Donut Studios, immersive technology (now under the Imersar brand) for business. It seemed right to now use our digital experience in a new and fun way.
Our plan for HITL VR is constantly evolving. We have been working on tests and concepts, developing an initial demonstration build for the Meta Quest platform. This is by no means a finished game; we’ve only just started. However, we have had fantastic feedback from our first outing at the Barclay’s Game Frenzy event (May 16 2024) and we are bringing our first VR game demo to the UK Games Expo in Hall 2 Stand 211.

We want to involve our potential players as soon as possible. That’s why we have taken the step to make our early version of the game available for people to download and try out. We hope players will sign-up to help develop our community and be stakeholders in how we develop the game play.
At the moment we are looking at a range of game options. If you are interested in playing the game come along to the UK Games Expo or download.
We have a discord channel and would love to hear how people get on with the early game demo, or if they have questions about the game in general and how it relates to the board game.

If you would like to keep up to date with our news we have a newsletter and there is a YouTube channel where we will be regularly posting updates on the game at www.youtube.com/@bluedonutgames.

We are very excited with our progress, but there is a very long way to go. We are sure we will have lots of creative and technical challenges and we will endeavour to share them with everyone.

If you are a games reviewer or VR enthusiast, we would love to hear from you.

We are aiming to develop our first commercial version some time next year in 2025.

Testing Feedback

If you have tried out our demo, please can you help us and provide feedback.

Many thanks, Marcus

Download a VR demo

Installation Instructions

You may need instructions on how to install the .APK file onto your Meta Quest headset.

There is a PDF available within the .zip file download that covers both using the Meta Quest Developer Hub and Side Quest options. If you would like to read the instructions before downloading the apk zip file, please download the PDF using the button below. If you get stuck we are on Discord during our office hours.

Our journal of development of the game:


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