About Blue Donut Games

Blue Donut Games Ltd. is a UK based games designer and publisher.

We design and develop our own range of tabletop games. We are also developing video games.

I’ve spent over twenty years developing systems. From computer systems for multi-media to B2B and retail e-commerce working out the logic flow for some pretty wacky pricing and discounting structures. Some of the oldest names in games making and publishing have used systems I had to work out! Before that I worked in storyboarding, graphic art, comics, T.V Commercials and so on. So I have a good technical and creative background.

It was a very talented young game designer called Adam Carter-Groves who first introduced me to developing card games six years ago. We developed together Line The Skateboard Card Game, Immortal Paths and Devices. He is now a senior games designer at the legendary UK Games Studio, Team17. Adam taught me loads about games, but the best thing was that he inspired me to not just try to get a game out at a show but create a dedicated business to the tabletop industry.

Working as a designer myself, I have created the tile-based card collecting game called Horror in the Library. This is my first solo game, which was rather ambitious, but it was one of those game ideas that would keep one awake at night. I have had a lot of help from my fantastic team to get it turned it to a coherent, well thought, and beautiful game.

Working in boardgames is a labour of love. You won’t get rich and it’s expensive. I’ve invested a lot of time and money doing it but it’s such fun. We’ve got off to an amazing start and we’re grateful for all the support we’ve had from other industry partners, publishers, designers and customers. Our customers are invaluable. The people we meet at UK Games Expo and Spiel have been an amazing support. We value their knowledge as many are veteran players and a few have created their own games. It’s been very humbling when well known designers have visited us and played our games then given us feedback.

There is an awesome amount of camaraderie between fellow creators. They share advice and encouragement. It’s unusual in what really is a very crowded marketplace. There is always room for another designer and publisher.

The last year has been very hard for everyone in the world. The Board Game industry has had a tough time and we have lost a lot of small creators for the moment. So we are very, very thankful that we have survived and that we are part of a group of companies that have worked hard to support this endeavour.

A bit about our sister company Blue Donut Studios

Our sister company Blue Donut Studios was created at the end of 2013 developing storyboards for TV Ads, pop videos and  software solutions for the NHS, Local Government, and corporate organisations. We were established in 2021 following the work developed from our first games, Line and Immortal Paths. We are a separate Ltd. Co. and provide a range of games for entertainment and education.

We offer a professional service for games designers to help them take their game to completed product. We also develop and advise academic organisations regarding games for education and provide a ‘Games for Business’ service.

We do sell to retail and wholesale. We currently sell our games directly through our own website. If you are a retailer looking to sell our products we can discus wholesale prices and discounts. Get in touch and we’re here to help.

You can meet us online through our website and Discord or Facebook. But we love seeing people at the shows we attend. We will be seen at UK Games expo and Spiel. Check the blog for details.

Why Blue Donut Games as a Name?

We often get asked that question. The answer: We wanted something that was colourful, attractive and stands out. My daughter suggested a Donut and make it blue because that sounds delicious. Well, I could not argue with that. Did you know that the Donut Logo has to bite out to the left – that’s the ‘B’ and the ‘D’ is represented by the hole in the middle.

Many thanks for visiting the website and we hope you enjoy our games. If you are at a games show we are at, don’t forget to say hello. 🙂