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Horror in the Library – Family Board Game

Horror in the Library Board Game


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Horror in the Library is a Victorian Horror Themed Family Game. Dive into a world of commedy horror, mystery and suspense with our latest addition. Discover the chilling tales hidden in the shadows of the library shelves. Are you brave enough to uncover the secrets within?

Card Games to Buy

Line: The Skateboard Card Game

This is your chance to become a competitive skateboarder. Compete against up to 3 other players to pull off the best tricks on your board and create the sickest Line you can. A unique card game with all the classic skateboard obstacles: grinds, grounds and air. Grab your board and hit the skateboard park whaterver age you are!


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Immortal Paths Fantasy Card Game

Adventure awaits you! Orc, Wizard, Elf and Knight compete to create their own immortal path in this fantasy adaptation of our skateboard card game. In this game you must challlenge the obstacles of fire, ice, mountains, lava and more. How legendary will your path be?

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998 in stock (can be backordered)



Build devices to fulfil customer orders. Sounds exciting? In this card game, up to four players must construct devices from custom and special parts and trade up to build the most effective machines that will enable you to compete for your cusomer’s points. A tactical and logical game for budding engineers and developers of any age.

Line: The Skateboard Card Game


An outrageously simple game to put in your pocket and take on holiday Squares is a gem for two players. Combine with an additional pack to make it for 4 players and still have room in pocket for your phone!

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RPG Games In Development

Further Beyond Role Playing Game

Further Beyond Role Playing Game

Further Beyond is a Role Palying Game in development. This is being designed to be accessible for new players to RPGs. It’s inspiration comes from the Science Fiction book covers of the 70s and 80s.

VR Games in Development

Further Beyond Role Playing Game

Horror in the Library VR Game

We are making a VR game in the world of the Mad Professor’s Interdimensional Library. Download for your Meta Quest VR 2 or 3 Headset.

Board Games in Development

Colonize Pangaea

Further Beyond Role Playing Game

A game developed with participation of the University of Portsmouth, Colonize Pangaea is being designed to show the importants of research in developing and maintaining our own world. This ambitious project utilises a range of research topics, mechanics for building settlements, creating resources and growing wealth. Will you use wisely to save earth or will you take all and doom the future?

Zaim Tower Building Game

Further Beyond Role Playing Game

Zaim, is a tower building game centred around exploring the realm and deveeloping the interests of your tribe, however all must obey the ancient Pillars of Wisdom that are scattered throughout the land. Four players compete to dominate the land and build the longest chain of towers and rule over all.

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