We are pleased to announce our new card and board game development service.

This will be producing a range of card and board games in partnership with TheUncommon.

The first title we will be announcing is in second generation play test phase and is called Line. This is a skateboarding card game designed by Adam carter-Groves.

About Line

Line is a new card game of skill for Skateboard fans.

Line is a new card game of skill for Skateboard fans.

Line is a skating based competitive card game developed by Adam Carter-Groves. In Line players must lay down cards to make a combo of tricks, which cards they can lay depends on the obstacles on the course and the cards they’ve already placed.

There are 2 decks in Line, the Obstacle deck and the Trick deck. The Obstacle deck is used to generate the course for the players to skate, the Trick deck is used to perform tricks, scoring points for the player and allowing them to traverse the obstacles in their path.

If you would like to get hands-on with Line, you can! We will be holding another play-test session at our Board Game Café at the Eastleigh Point Theatre, this November 15.