A Victorian Horror Boardgame

Horror in the Library is a 19th Century Victorian horror themed tile-based competitive card collecting game for 2 to 4 players (can be expanded to 6).

Horror in the Library is a game of strategy, betrayal, and collecting. Find secret pages within the library of the mad professor to escape the nameless horrors that lie within!

Horror in the Library was a sell out success at the UK Games Expo last year.

We are now launching our crowdfunding campaign with KICKSTARTER.

We need your help to raise £7,000 to enable us to create another production run. This time we have some new exciting rewards and add-ons for existing owners looking for expansion and a fabulous set of stretch goals, which will be announced during the campaign. Use the secure sign-up form if you would like to show your support for the game and our first ever campaign.

Many thanks, Marcus

Clare Cluer from LVC Games gives her take on Horror in the Library.

Horror in the Library Updates

A new edition of Horror in the Library will be available for selected reviewers and customers at the UK Games Expo 2023.

This updated edition has new components, new blessings and curses and a new look box. This will form the basis of the final stnadard production model. Take it for a jolly good spin at the show. Hall 2 Stand 2-211.

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Horror in the Library Game Gallery

Development & Show Gallery

Up to 4 players (can be expanded to 6) compete to flee from the unnatural horrors of the library. Who will be dastardly enough to summon ghosts and creatures to suck the life force out of their opponents? Lose and you will be forever tormented. Search the ever changing library’s rotating rooms for clues that will help you unlock the mad professor’s study. Combat your supernatural foe and send them back to oblivion to survive! Beware that collaboration may soon lead to treachery by others to achieve their own freedom!

Each game is a different adventure. The library is ever changing! Choose from hundreds of different item combinations that players need to collect.

(*Can be expanded to 6 with expansion set)

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