Immortal Paths Fantasy Card Game

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Immortal Paths is a fantasy themed tactical card-laying game for 2-4 players and based around combining cards for the highest score.

The “Elementals” have challenged the greatest heroes in the land to take the Immortal Paths: an ancient challenge of fire, earth and water. Many have tried but few win.

Each hero must make their way across nine obstacle challenges of fire, earth and water. 

Summon bridges of stone, 
wood or rope to build the 
longest possible connected 
paths that create powerful 
point multipliers and gain 
you the highest score to win.

 Watch your challengers – choose your bridge summoning cards wisely. Seek your advantage at every turn! Choose poorly and you will join those who fell in peril. 

The highest score will crown the next champion of the Immortal Paths!
Read on to begin your adventure…

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Immortal Paths is the fantasy version of Line.

The game uses fantasy characters instead of player identity cards. The Tricks are Bridges and Obstacles are now a range of locations that have been created by our in house artists.

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The Rules of the Game

The rules are online and can be downloaded from scanning the QR code on the box or from here (direct link to the rules on our website - no registration necessary) and are in English and German.

Watch How To Play Line Video

There is a free tutorial video available online from both our website and on YouTube:

This video shows how to play both a two and four player game and gives insights into strategy.

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