The Pre-Launch Limited Edition of Horror in the Library is now available to pre-order from – £60.00

I’ve spoken to our manufacturer in Italy and the production is underway! These special units will be available for delivery in this August. So we have spent the last 2 days sorting out a special page for people to place their order online. But wait! Before you go to order it let me tell you about what is going on with the special £60 Pre-Launch Edition.

Download the new Rule Book

If you would like to see the new rule book you can download it right from our website.

Here is a gallery to browse of images of the pre-production prototype and some fantastic people playing Horror in the Library in the UK and Germany.

New Room Tile Handles

These are not plastic. They are not stickers. They are metal. They are an antique brass metal finish. They also have a nice round top so make the tiles very easy to pick up and rotate.

Blessing and Curses Bags

These have been upgraded too. They are bigger and a very nice burgundy wine colour velvet style. They have a drawstring and a smoother interior so much easier to get the Blessings and Curses Coins out.

Character Stands

These are now transparent. They are much better as they let you see your character standing in all its glory and the floor! So no more having to move the character to see what it is standing on.

Player Boards

This is a big change. These contain the Fortitude meter – which is a very impressive looking clock, The Search meter thermometer design, Page card stack marker and item tile rack. We will post pictures of the actual boards once we get them rather than shots of the artwork.

Item Tiles

These replace the original Horror Challenge Cards. We felt the cards limited the game play and we wanted it to be very re-playable. So now players choose the items they need to find in the bookshelves. There are 60 item tiles. So 60x60X6 combinations. I think that’s 21,600 combinations of tiles. That’s a lot of games to play.

Signed with Personalised Artist Sketch

There a lot more updates and improvements inside the box, which itself has been updated with our new logo and design. It is also overprinted in a metallic gold foil to make it very special. I am also adding a little extra for those people who order the Pre-Launch Edition. I will be signing the boxes and adding a special greeting and sketch for each person. This is a small thank-you for investing in the first ever edition. I’ll get sharpening my pencils. 🙂 I hope you find that as exciting as I do and I can’t wait to hear from people playing Horror in the Library at home! We already have orders in for the game so i will get drawing!

🙂 Marcus