Kickstarter Update

This week I wanted to let you know what is going with our Kickstarter Campaign. It’s moving slowly forward. I’ve got a low of exciting news for backers some of which we are still working out. We are working on creating some worth while rewards that add to the Horror in the Library game experience rather than shoving in caps and t-shirts that people really don’t want. We have also been working on the back-room stuff: What are the predicted order quantities? How the heck do we get products to people? How much do we charge? This is a science and an art at the moment and it needs to be right and it takes as long as it needs. Progress has been made and I will cover that below…

VAT and Shipping

This has been a very complicated time for understanding VAT in relation to the UK and Europe. The situation with shipping has also been made very complex and the pandemic has brought the global supply chain systems to their knees.

The issues with geo-political conflicts, the Covid-19 Pandemic, Brexit, Evergreen’s container ship being stuck in the Suez Canal,  and the EU’s struggle with its own member nations have created a perfect storm that has increased costs world-wide and made lead time calculation a nightmare.

Anyone who has backed a Kickstarter campaign will have experienced delays of months for the arrival of their product. We have, however, tried to minimise the issues as much as we can.

All the games will be shipped from Italy to the UK, Europe and USA. They will be coming from Ludocraft / POD S.A. the shipping is as cost effective as we can get it and will be applied to orders after the campaign as the prices are constantly fluctuating. However the price will include VAT duty and shipping so there should be no horrible surprises for customers on the other end.

Game Parts Sourcing

We have been working hard to source sustainable production methods as much as possible as you know. We have been in discussion with different manufacturers for the metal handles for the room tiles and we have now sourced a supplier in China. We have tried to find a maker in the UK but it was simply too expensive. However, we have managed to find a supplier in Suffolk for the Bags, stands, counters and dice. These will be shipped to Italy for finishing and shipping.


The expansion for Horror in the Library is nearly complete. We have developed the mechanics, rules and now working on the artwork. This will comprise of: Two additional player sets, the chair tokens and two secret rooms and room tiles.

The Secret Room Expansion comprises of two double sized rooms: The Laboratory and the Kitchen. These rooms are accessed by Special Room Tiles in the Library. The rooms enable players to affect the fortunes of their competitors and can give larger boosts to give players an edge. There are greater risks as well and may be costly to the unwary!

Horror in the Library Expansion Preview

Horror in the Library Expansion: The Kitchen and the Laboratory.

These two rooms are an exciting addition that add to the world of the Mad Professor’s Library.


Deluxe Playboards

The deluxe player boards will be double layer to allow for the markers to sit in square slots, and the Fortitude meter will not need the gold counter as it will have a functioning needle dial!

New Rule Book

We went back to the rule back to make some more tweaks. We fixed outstanding typos and we also looked at making the explanations that bit clearer. We had some brilliant feedback from players at the UK Games Expo and so we’ve made some key changes to improve how Blessings and Curses are used as well as dealing with Monsters. The layout has been improved and gives a clear indication to setup the game, play it and try to catch those ‘edge cases’. Anyone who has purchased the Pre-Launch Edition will be entitled to a free printed copy and they can apply for one via the website here:


Square is available

Squares, our young player’s little card game for 1-2 players will be available next week to purchase from our shop and will be on sale for £5.00 plus shipping.


Next Week

We hope to bring some very exciting backer news…