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Horror in the Library Board Game 4th Edition


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Horror in the Library: Collector’s Expansion


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📚 Horror in the Library 📚

Step into the spine-chilling Victorian world of Horror in the Library! This immersive board game will transport you into the multidimensional library of the Mad Professor, where every turn of a page could spell your doom.
Collect secrets and navigate through the labyrinth of dusty bookshelves. But beware! Ghostly and Monstrous apparitions lurk in the shadows. and so do scheming opponents.

Horror in the Library is a family board game that tests your courage, strategic thinking, and teamwork when it is of advantage to you. With beautifully crafted game pieces and a stunningly illustrated game boards, witty game cards that can bless or blight players, it’s a visual treat that adds to the thrill of the gameplay.

Perfect for game nights, themed parties, or just a quiet evening at home, Horror in the Library promises hours of suspense, laughter, and bone-chilling fun. It’s a must-have for board game enthusiasts, horror fans, and family thrill-seekers alike.
Fourth edition, play with updated rules and blessings and curses cards.

Don’t wait! Add Horror in the Library to your collection today and let the haunting begin! 🎲👻

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