Line Skateboard Card Game and Play Mat Bundle Offer


Buy both Line The Skateboard Card Game and the Line Play Mat together and save £5.00 when purchased together.

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The Line Skateboard Card Game mat has been developed following the success of our quiet product test at Spiel 2018. Now that 2021 is upon us, we now sell these game mats for both Line and Immortal Paths card games.

Kraken War Games Germany

Kraken Wargames make the play mats for both Line The Skateboard Card Game and Immortal Paths

We are now working with Kraken Wargames in Germany to develop our game mats. Kraken has unrivalled expertise in developing long lasting and hard wearing game mats for a wide range of tabletop games. Blue Donut Games is very excited to be working on developing this new range.

The Line Skateboard Card Game Mat is designed to be 100% waterproof. Your beer and coffee can now keep flowing during play! The underside has an excellent grip system specifically designed to keep your game in place when you play. Packing up is also easy as the mat is crease resistant and will fold up easily. When Tobias, the managing director showed us the scrunch test we were rather nervous. He took a sample and screwed it into a small ball. We were amazed to see it spring back in to place. That's how we know that these mats should still look great after a good number of heavy game sessions at a board game club or with friends. Don't be shy about getting your friends round the table on game night to play!

We developed the play mat to help set out the game faster with the card placement guide overlay. This also helps to keep the cards organised during play especially when things get heated over why opponents decided to block your winning strategy! The game mat rolls up nicely and can be folded up and stored in a box. Alternatively you can order the play mat carry case directly from Tobias' company here.

Visitors to public events will be able to see these mats in action. Our players use the mats at UK Games Expo and Spiel. We hope to run competitive tournaments for both card games in the future and these mats will be essential part of a players kit for that.

Key Features

  • The mats are 2mm thick and have an anti-slip coating on the back
  • The storage is simple, the mats can be rolled easily without accepting the shape
  • They roll without problems wonderfully flat, again and again
  • The Lotus effect protects against moisture, spilled drinks and other dirt
  • The mats are scratch resistant
  • The print quality is 720dpi
  • The dice rolling is dampened by the material
  • The cards can be easily gathered from the play mat

Additional information


Play Mat: 97cm x 65 cm aprox, Card Box: 3.7cm x 6.6cm x 9.6 cm

Age Range



English and German

Instructions / Rule Book

Supplied in Game


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