Film & Animation Studio

Film & Animation Studio

Our Film and Animation studio creates fresh film and animation content for a wide range of uses. For video on demand (VoD) services looking for new program content for their digital channels to supporting animation to organisations looking for content to support their sales and marketing or customer engagement strategies. Blue Donut Studios Film & Animation Studio has the skills to create entertaining shorts, using a range of animation styles and we are experienced in producing our own storylines or work with other writers and deliver a cost-effective production in required timescales.

Film Production

We have broadcast quality recording and editing facilities and we can output digital film in HD and 4K quality. Our film productions skills cover exhibitions, interviews, information videos, and infographics that our customers use in multimedia applications as well as presentations and training videos.

We have had our work shown on BBC television, the Horror Channel and our storyboard and animatic work has been used in the development of pop videos such as Joss Stone’s ‘The Love We Had’.

Animation Production

Blue Donut Studios provides both 2D and 3D animation services for use in promotional and informative videos as well as creating our own animation shorts for Film. Using a variety of traditional and digital animation techniques, we can deliver high impact presentations, advertisements and brand messages that communicate your ideas and engage with your audience. Our content can be added to enhance your own digital media, feature presentations or concepts. We produce motion graphics to a broadcast quality level using Digital effects in a After Effects and Maya as well as traditional media and add our comic book slant if desired! We can also develop idents for company videos and programs for the web. If you are looking for an alternative and imaginative content for programme support or new productions, we may be just up your street. We have a keen and proven team with our production partners for creating animations, shorts and even TV pilots.

Most of our animation is used in Augmented reality and our AR Studio service provides the delivery of AR content through a range of solutions such as Exhibitions, Mobile Apps, Printed Material and Displays. We have worked with public services, local government, retail and media sectors. Visit our AR Studio to find out more about our Animation and AR.

Script Writing

Our pool of talented writers has a wealth of experience in TV, radio broadcasting, magazines and fiction. We create stories with a focus on characters that are believable and events and situations that are historical, factual or fictional. For our own productions, we like to write about real issues that affect people and use fantasy to underline themes that may challenge audiences but also entertain. Whether writing for commercials, music videos, corporate presentations or horror stories, we write to engage the target audience, draw them into the story. We aim to write content for each project that will be memorable, informative and engaging.

Our clients have asked us to develop training videos through to snappy commercials and helping games developers create exciting worlds in the far future. Our writing team are available to consult with you, developing production scripts, characters and story scenarios.

Our animation work


3D Animation

2D Animation

Hybrid Digital

Production Pipeline

We use a range of industry standard tools for our animation development. This means we can integrate with your existing production team and provide content that will fit in with your workflow processes. Our key platforms are Blender, Moho, Motion Artist and After Effects. We use these tools in conjunction with our other production tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Hit Film, and graphics systems such as Affinity Designer and Clip Studio Pro.

Workflow: Client Consultation > Brief review > Proposed development > Outline > Script > Visual Concepts > Story Boarding > Client Approval > Initial Production Development > Review >  Revisions > Approval > Digital Delivery

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