Our planet is facing the worst environmental disaster in history.

Resources are scarce, humanity is on the verge of collapse and time is running out.
A discovery of an ancient alien artifact has changed everything. We ARE given a new hope… to save our Earth._

Colonize Pangaea is a unique science-based  strategy board game where you decide how to build your colony, solve threats and develop a plan to save earth using real scientific research.

The game  is a collaboration of researchers, scientists and game makers creating an exciting blend of learning and strategy.

Better understand the relationship we have to our world. Use real research to explore ways to improve our health and  save the earth.

You may become the generation to make a difference._>

  • Discover and learn real environmental science and how research is used in to help fight climate change and improve our health.

  • Plan your own colony to save earth

  • Play as a team or on your own

  • Number of players: 1 to many players. Ages: 14+

Join the Colonize Pangaea game development programme to get involved with play testing and help with feedback and surveys.