On Friday we sent out an email about the progress being made on the manufacturing of Horror in the Library. Well I got some shots from Giueseppe in Italy from the factory and I sent them out to people on the mailing list. So I thought I would share them on the blog. You can see pictures of the cool box, the player boards, some of the punch boards and other printed pieces. What the photos don’t show you are all the other bits that come with the game. That’s because the games will be assembled here in the UK and shipped from our studio. These are the Limited Pre Launch Editions. There are 20 units of these and they will be different to the kick starter edition but will be compatible with the extras that people will be able to get.

So here’s a peak at the Pre Launch edition and you will be able to buy this one at the UK Games Expo as well as through the website. They are each signed and have a signed drawing inside.