Storytelling with Data

Today we see more data been generated globally at an ever faster rate. The volume of information can be overwhelming, Yet the power of information is growing every day. That power is not only for analysts, it is for all of us who need to make decisions on that information and it should be accessible to anyone who need to understand the message data holds within it.

Understanding data and it’s meaning is vital but what is learned from it also needs to be communicated in a clear and informative package. This is why we developed our data storytelling service.

We have the skills to take your data and work with you to enable to you effectively communicate the story it has to tell. From explaining sales figures to insights in trends in public health, Blue Donut Studios can present your business intelligence, scientific or survey information into an engaging presentation, animation, video or interactive application.

Get in touch to talk to us about how we can give your data story the impact it deserves.


  • Highlights key themes in data
  • Increases audience accessibility
  • Allows for data exploration

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